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These are items that we used to sell tons of; and put these away for "future use" and so 5 years later, we dug them out. The bubblers vary in size from 4.5 to 6+ inches in the blue sodalite varieties; and 5 to 8+ inches in the rose quartz. The rolling sphere fountains are 6 to 9+ inches. Each of these items require a $14.99  (wal-mart) submersible water pump to operate. The bubblers appear as mini volcanoes, and the fountains  give the sounds of a bubbling brook as the sphere spins. Each sphere and rose qtz. fountain has an extra hole drilled into it for low-voltage light installation. All bubblers are reduced to $49.00  each; and fountains are $99.00 each, plus shipping. The display as shown is $169.00, including fountain or bubbler, tray, pump and 5 pounds of stones. Display as shown is appx. 18 inches in diameter. Click the photo of your choice for expanded view; and secure order page. Questions? click here

up-dated 01-10-15

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This shows one way fountains and bubblers may be set up.

Display, approx 18 inches  in diameter.

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